Connect Over Events

This app lets a user connect with like-minded people before they actually meet in a pre-scheduled social Event.


The GangUp app connects people over Facebook events. If you are "Interested" in or "Going" to an Event listed on Facebook, the app connects you with other attendees before you meet them at the Event. The app lists nearby events for you. You may search for your event. See profiles of other users attending the event. Swipe RIGHT to like, and left to PASS. When two people have LIKEd each other, they are open for a chat! So GangUp for an upcoming event! Know more people, make more friends, and be a confident attendee at the event! (Developed for iPhone and Android).

App features

1. Discover upcoming Events

Welcome to Gangup - The social app that allows you to connect with people before meeting them over events.

2. Search for Events

Search for Events by using the search bar. Type any keyword or location to search for.

3. View event details.

Click on any Event to view its details. Tap on Join, Maybe, or Can't Go buttons.

4. Click Attendee profiles.

Click on the heart icon to see all Attendee profiles that match your Settings.

5. Swipe Right to LIKE.

Swipe Right on any profile to LIKE the attendee anonymously. Wait for a Match!

6. Swipe Left to PASS anonymously.

Swipe Left to PASS anonymously, so that you do not see this profile again.

How it Works




Supports all Android versions.


Supports all Iphone versions.